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11/08/2019 ES Daily Recap

Going to keep this one pretty short as there is not much action that went on today. Before open we could see that we had an inside day which means that were still inside yesterday's session range and without any strong initiative from buyers or sellers it was likely that we balance and rotate out inventory in this area.
I was waiting for long side the mid 60s and low 50s as they were support levels that were not tested on the way up and bound to have a reaction. Besides the news drop, most of the action on the day was a slow grind up and there was simply no decent opportunities today. I was looking for a quick squeeze up to 3092s for a quick reaction as that area should have had some longs trapped but it did not come until the last ten minutes. I would highly recommend avoid trading especially the last ten minutes as it can get very risky and because it was friday we usually have some risk being taken off by the other players going into the weekend.

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